Software Development

All software applications are developed for Microsoft Windows based operating systems.
All software is custom developed in accordance with the customer's requirements.
The applications can be running in single user or multi user in accordance with the client's requirements.
Database engines are Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Interbase
Some examples of applications which we can develop:

Finance and Accounting programs.
Stock and Order Control.
Sale Systems
Office Automation
Human resource Applications
Simple home-based business applications.

Owr Work

Tara Inside Doc (TID) is the first Farsi-English language program which searches full texts inside various files for the given input words and finds the files that match.

The format of input files is:
DOC (The Microsoft Word)
PPT (The Microsoft Power Point)
EML (The Outlook Express)
PDF(The Adobe Acrobat)

TID also saves and retrieves various data, such as Subject, Date, and Title for the following format files:

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