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This group is an Iranian based IT (Information Technology) service to deliver the business solutions that helps add value to our clients through a wide range of Application Development with a high level of affordable service at prices that you would be hard to find anywhere else.

We are constantly learning and evolving, which means adapting to new strategies and techniques with the focus placed on an overall customer satisfaction.


We offer the following ranges of service:


Software Development:

-Client / Server Application Development

-Distributed Application Development

-Component Oriented Application Development

-Database Analysis, Design & Development


Website Development:

-Corporate Web Design & Development & Maintenance

-B2B/B2C Web Application Development

-Data Mining through Web Research

Graphic Design:

-Design of Logo and Posters ...

-Multimedia Programs

Photo Gallery:

For further information and buying, Please email to info@northtara.com

Please visit the last our web design: www.bacheman.com